Teaching is a work of heart

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Reel Eire School of Irish Dance holds Irish dance classes for girls & boys aged 3+ in various locations across Kent. The school currently has over 200 members. In addition to our regular classes, Reel Eire hold many After School Clubs in local schools.
 We are proud to have raised many dancers from complete beginners through to Championship standard. The school is registered with An Coimisiun le Rinci Gaelacha and currently holds seven World Medals, and has achieved Top 5 in every major Championship;
World Championships, All Ireland Championships, North American National Championships, Great Britain Championships and the All Scotland Championships.
Reel Eire offers a range of classes that cater to all abilities.
In addition to competitive dance, Reel Eire offers performance classes, giving members the opportunity to experience various forms of the discipline and travel the county to perform at prestigious events.
Our aim at Reel Eire is to offer more than just a dance class for your child. We aim to give children a friendly & welcoming learning environment, that builds children's confidence whilst encouraging dedication to achieving personal goals, working both individually and as a team, and falling in love with the process.
'A fun and unique hobby for your child at a friendly and supportive school. Irish dance is not only a great form of exercise; it will aid co ordination, the understanding of  music and timing and will build your child's confidence through learning, succeeding and forming relationships.'

About Reel Eire


Danielle Arthurs T.C.R.G.

Danielle Arthurs

T.C.R.G & Principal 

Danielle teaches full time at Reel Eire and has 27 years of Irish dance experience behind her.

Danielle was a competitive Irish dancer for 17 years within An Coimisiun le Rinci Gaelacha, attending the McGahan Lees Academy of Irish Dance under the instruction of Frances McGahan A.D.C.R.G and Cecily Brennan TCRG.

Danielle’s achievements include top ten in the Word Championships, All Ireland Championships, North American National Championships, Great Britain Championships, All Scotland Championships, European Championships and Southern Region Oireachtas.

Danielle has also appeared on the live semi-final of ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ as a dancer for the contestant Jimmy Forde, along with 6 other dancers from her school. 

After achieving a result of 9th place at the Oireachtas Rince Na Cruinne in 2011 (World Championships of Irish dance) and becoming a World Medal Holder, Danielle retired from competitive dance and went on to study for her T.C.R.G (Irish Dance Teacher) examination. Danielle was successful in the examination, gaining her qualification in December 2012.

Danielle  is fully First Aid trained and is the Child Protection & Safeguarding lead at Reel Eire.