Summer Elite Dance Camp 2021

Summer Elite Dance Camp 2021

Our first 'Elite Dance Camp' is finally here!


Brompton Westbrook Primary School, 65 King's Bastion, Gillingham ME7 5DQ, UK

About the Event


After many attempts to reschedule our first camp originally planned in November 2020.... We are so excited to finally be able to hold our first 'Elite Dance Camp' for the dancers of CRMEA! After working together on Zoom, we can't wait to finally bring our dancers together in physical classes. 

Our Elite Dance Camps are designed to give dancers the opportunity to work with both Danielle and Craig, in addition to meeting and training alongside dancers from both Reel Eire and the Craig Mason Academy. 

The Elite Dance Camp will be fun and engaging for dancers, and will cover all aspects of our dance form including flexibility, technique and performance skills. Dancers will learn new drills and exercises to enhance their skills and deepen their knowledge, which will further enable them to incorporate these new skills and training techniques into their regular practice on an ongoing basis. We will also be including some team building challenges to help relationships blossom and memories to be made!

With major championships around the corner, this is also an excellent oppertunity for the dancers to work together to train for our return to the 'big stages' in over a year.

Over the course of the weekend, we will be holding 3 workshops and you will find the event schedule on this page. 


In addition to the hard work..... we couldn't let the weekend go by without having a little celebration....

You are invited to 'CRMEAFIELDS'.. an evening of food, drink, music and much more!

We are celebrating the launch of 'CRMEA'.... Surviving Zoom (and turning living rooms into dance studios) and coming out the other side of such a difficult year bigger, better and stronger together with our new team.

We hope this will also be oppertunity for parents & dancers to get to know each other and make those all important memories.