'Reel Dancers Dance Irish'


Here you will find all of our uniform available for you to purchase. 

Each term email highlights the next deadline for ordering Uniform.

The deadline for ordering uniform in Term 1 is;


Uniform takes between 2-3 weeks to be delivered FROM THE DEADLINE DATE and will be handed to you at your child's class. 

Uniform for Beginners has been highlighted in the product description.

The basic beginner uniform includes;

  • Black Leotard

  • Royal Blue Skirt

  • Poodle Sock

  • Soft Shoes

Please be aware that being registered to CLRG, we are bound by their Rules & Regulations with regards to children's dance attire. All of our items strictly adhere to these guidelines. If you purchase dance clothing elsewhere, it will not be considered Reel Eire / CLRG approved and your child will not be able to wear it should they attend a competition. Please use the official Reel Eire uniform shop below.